JSPS seminar

About the JSPS Seminar

The JSPS regular Seminar, open not only to the members of the Society but to those concerned with the world of Christian antiquity, provides faculty and graduates working in the field of early Christian studies an opportunity to meet together to discuss their current work. It is, in particular, an occasion to fulfill one of the goals of the Society — to foster collaboration among scholars in Japan working in the research on the patristic tradition. The first seminar was held in 23 April 1977 at Tokyo Metropolitan University, after the small steering committee designed to advance scholarly investigation into early Christianity in the autumn of 1976. Until 1991, Seminars had been held at Meguro Campus of Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Recent years, seminars have being held quarterly at the University of the Sacred Heart. They begin at 14:00, and after the presentation, are followed by the round-table discussion.

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